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COMMENT:  Lisa was easy to set up an appointment with. Very pretty, great curves and dressed sexy. Good thera massage with no teasing. We held some light conversation to break the ice. On the flip, she was open for mutual touch. She does enjoy herself as much as you do. I will repeat.  3/14  10spro (Member)

RATING: 5 Lisa is probably the BEST lady I’ve been to.  Pretty, African-American lady who is very erotic, hot body, sensuous, fun, and nice.  Dresses provocatively, allows mutual touching. Very nice massage.  Really makes sure YOU enjoy yourself and she enjoys HERSELF as well.  Very highly recommended!!

RATING:  5 Very organized, intelligent, black woman that has her act together.  $120/hr when I went.  Great skills, then the play begins. She knows how to make a guy feel incredible…. She did allow mutual touching and really got into it.

 RATING:  5 She is mixed exotic (blk/Italian?)… nude massage, touching allowed.  She works very hard to keep her bod fit. Never had children.   Lives in San Diego, works from a hotel in  C’bad.   Been doing it here for at least 3 years, b4 that she was is Phoenix.  Does a very good massage.

RATING:  5 I reviewed the LIST and with all the great comments on Lisa from Oceanside, I decided to give her a try. She was pleasant to talk to on the phone and even more so in person. She is an exotic mix, Italian, Latin & Brazilian and is very attractive with sexy eyes, nice smile and a hard body. She greeted me with a hug and immediately made me feel relaxed. She was dressed in an outfit that showed me her awesome figure and flat stomach. Her apartment was very clean and quiet. The massage began with her only wearing a G-string. She gave a nice medium pressure massage which soon became lighter and more sensual. The massage became much more erotic than I expected with her straddling me as she put on a little show by caressing herself and then allowing me to touch her. Mutual touching was allowed and with her body sliding against mine, I had a hard time holding back. It felt so good I did not want it to end. She was visually and physically stimulating as her touch brought me to a sensual high before finally giving a great release, never rushing it. I took a shower, enjoyed some conversation and gave her a hug before leaving. I would definitely recommend Lisa, she is well worth the money. She seemed to really be into what she was doing, not just putting on an act. I will see her again and hopefully very soon. She will treat you right, so please do the same to her.  11/08

RATING:  5  I echo the previous reviews. She is great! Rather than be redundant, I’ll post updated info. She charges $150 out of her condo in Oceanside. I was surprised to see others described her as a black woman. I think the description as “exotic mix, Italian, Latin, & Brazilian” is more accurate. She takes her time and provides a unique sensual experience, plus she gives a great massage!  10/09

RATING:  5   Excellent massage with stimulating conversation.  Extremely warm and welcoming therapist.  Not much more to say that hasn’t already been said.  Great girl and a great value.  Telephone number has a 619 area code.  5 stars all around.  11/09

RATING:  5  I have seen her almost 7 times. She is the best.  2/10

COMMENT:   “I was in town on business for a week and noticed all of the great reviews for Lisa, so I decided to take my chances and try to set something up. I got a hold of her and tried to set something up the same night. She said she was available, then asked me what time, I then replied that between 7 and 8 would be perfect. After that, I received no response from her. The next day I thought I would try again and set up an appointment a day in advance and the same time of 7PM. She touched base with me an hour before to make sure we were still on. I told her yes, and from that point I didn’t hear from her again. If all of these reviews are true, then you all have better luck than I. Two appointments made, two appointments where she flaked out.”  11/10  disappointed  

5 star



Massage By Lisa

                      A relaxing massage that offers a special magical touch all over your body! Hello my name is Lisa and my number is 619-248-2337. I’m a massage specialist who gives a REAL massage with a soft gentle touch from beginning to end! I offer therapeutic, 4-hand, deep tissue, soft touch and many other massaging techniques! Take a chance, come on over and let me do your body good! Thanks in advance……….
You can also reach me by email  or by text. Hope to hear from you soon!

Poster’s age: 28

• Location: San Diego, North County

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